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Litigators spend years preparing their cases.  They have only moments to present them.  In these moments, they depend on people who possess both technical skills and an understanding of legal procedure.  


Eaton Trial Technology provides state of the art support for litigators during prep, on site and in court.  Our Techs have supported teams for thousands of hours in courts around the world, on hundreds of complex litigation matters over the last 25 years.  Provided is an engaging and compelling display of evidence vital to litigators; one drastically superior to the competition.

Simply put: no one is faster than us.  When an attorney asks for a document and gets dead air, it can be devastating.  We understand your case, we've mastered your database and have long since perfected the use of the software managing it.  All you have to do is make your record and the visuals you need to make your case will be before the spectator in real time. 

Litigaton graphics

For litigators, another added challenge is conveying complex ideas visually.  With limited time budgets from the court, they have to explain technologies, often to lay people, and they have to do so in ways that keep the spectator's attention. 

Eaton Trial Technology has decades of experience working behind the scenes with trial teams to create visuals that help crystalize an argument from the hundreds of thousands of underlying documents in a case.

Whether it's intuitive technology tutorials, step-by-step patent claim analysis, graphics for pretrial briefs, or just 'prettying up' a deck you and your team have worked weeks on, we can help.

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