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Eaton Trial Technology provides state of the art support for litigators during prep, on site and in court.  Our Techs have supported teams for thousands of hours in courts across the world, with hundreds of complex litigation matters over the last 25 years.  Provided is an engaging and compelling display of evidence vital to litigators; one drastically superior to the competition.


Simply put: no one is faster than us.  When an attorney asks for a document and gets dead air, it can be devastating.  We understand your case, we've mastered your database and have long since perfected the use of the software managing it.  All you have to do is make your record and the visuals you need to make your case will be before the spectator in real time.


exhibit database-01.png

Everything starts with the creation of the trial exhibit database.  We'll compile all of the documents of your case into our software.  Coordinating with your team, we'll ensure all parties' exhibits are in our presentation software.  Given names using identifiers established by you, all of your documents can then be called up on the fly.



​​The sworn video testimony of witnesses in your case are brought into the database.  They are then edited using the designations provided by you and opposition.  A time-synced transcript plays below the video when presenting to the spectator.  We'll create segments for every Q&A you need to have ready to play if the witness deviates while on the stand.



For better or for worse, the use of remote video teleconference has increased drastically.  Transitioning into the use of this tech can seem daunting, we can help. We've supported teams on every major remote video teleconference platform; WebEx, Zoom, Teams,etc..  You'll be guided through proper use of the necessary hardware and software so you can focus on your presentation.


icon litigation demonstratives-01-01-01.png

The perfect visual can crystalize an argument in the minds of the spectator.  This is especially true when used seamlessly with the contemporaneous, underlying documents.  Your demonstratives are prepared for display in our presentation and annotation software.  Opening statements, technology tutorials, closing arguments can all benefit from visual aid.


icon trial tech-01-01.png

After years of prep comes the moment to present your case.  The tech is in place, we've ensured that.  We've worked with your team to prepare the exhibit, deposition and demonstrative database.  All you have to do is speak to your witness, make your record, we'll do the rest.  The exhibits, demonstratives and video deposition will be before the spectator in real time.


deposition support-01.png

​With the increased use of Webex and other online platforms, use of a trial tech for exhibit display during depositions is simplified.  Establishing a clear visual record with your witnesses and their documents early can be invaluable.  The exhibits, call-outs and annotations referenced during testimony can be preserved for future use at trial. 

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